It’s supposed to be fall heading into winter time and it still feels like summer with temperatures in the high 70’s and low 80’s. This weather some on the east coast may call a blessing for us in California, some would say we are lucky. Well, we are a bit lucky but we all want to bust out our crock pots and sport our long jeans and boots but that just isn’t happening! So…we can bust out that grill again and make some good old fashioned BLT’s or BLAT’s.

For 6 sando’s you’ll need:

1 package of St. Andre triple cream brie
6 slices of Medium sharp cheddar cheese
1 Avocado, ripe and sliced/chunked
1 package of bacon {Any kind you like, but I like to use maple}
1/2 red onion sliced thinly
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced {heirloom is best but depending on the time of year, anything that is ripe will work}
2 hearts of romaine lettuce, pulled off the core and cut to fit the bread {I pack the sandwiches so they’re nice and crunchy; about four-five leaves per sando}
12 slices of whole wheat sliced bread
1/2 cup of mayo

Saute the red onion until soft and slightly translucent.
Cut the bacon in half and saute, set aside and let decrease.
Add mayo to one side of the bread and put that side down on the grill. On the other side of the bread, place one kind of cheese on one slice and the other on the other slice. Keep away from the flame, we just want to melt the cheese.
Pull off when melted, put 4-6 bacon slices in the melted cheese, add the onions and the chunks of avocado, place two slices of tomato and finish with the lettuce. Add salt and pepper to taste, cut in half and serve with your favorite red wine, rose, or craft beer!

I like to pair this with Trione Rose or a nice floral IPA.

Trione Photoshoot_08 31 14_1076_edited-1

Trione Photoshoot_08 31 14_1077_edited-1

Beer + Food

Falling Sky Brewery & Delicatessen is neat inside: it’s got sort of a vintage feel with the brick wall and every so often a single brick slightly pushed out that then rest with a bold bright color and the long, family style table down the entire center of the restaurant. It’s warm and inviting. The people are nice who work there.

We split a brisket sandwich with marbled rye and a side of sweet potato fries: wow- it was delicious and the fries mouth watering. A perfect pairing for the beer taster. The taster is served in a metal framed cloud. For me, the highlights are the catchy slogan, the stickers, the scrumptious sandwich with melt in-my-mouth meat, and the Neverland Berliner Weisse.




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Claim 52 Brewing

Claim 52 was a great find. I was using the nearby feature on Untappd and we kind of stumbled onto this one. We asked around about it and all the local breweries said it was definitely worth waiting for them to open. They are open Thursdays 4-8pm, Fridays 4-9pm, and Saturdays 2-7pm. The owners/brewers pour the beers in their taproom as they balance brewing the beer just on the other side of the partition.

It’s evident that thought went into their space too: old church benches line the perimeter, tall tables in the center, corn hole boards hanging on the wall for use, and video games {free} for your playing pleasure. This is a kid friendly spot too.

Surrounded by a lot of awesome small breweries in Eugene, Claim 52 is a bit more special: they are a couple of guys working hard to make consistently unique beers. The Gose was one of the most interesting beers I have had with notes of fresh orange zest and black tea coupled with a subtle salty finish; it was growler worthy.


 When we were leaving, my husband was trying to pack the growler in our already full ice chest when the Pliny bottles we brought were staring him in the face, so he ran back in a gave the brewer one. The look on his face was priceless and he was so thrilled and appreciative. That’s one of my favorite parts about beer travel: sharing the love!

I look forward to visiting these guys again and tasting the new stuff that they come up with. This is a true gem- these guys are going to blow up!












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Old 99 Brewing Company

In the tiny little one horse town of Roseburg, Orgeon, is this small little warehouse style brewery owned by three couples {two who live nearby and one who lives in Vancouver}. The wives run the front of the show and the husbands brew the beer. They are super down to earth, friendly, and welcoming.

They are happy to sell samplers of all of their beers, they fill growlers, sell cool ones, have a place to sit inside, and even a place to set your beer while you are in the bathroom {it’s the little things in life…}

This is starting to come as less of a surprise throughout our Washington and Oregon trip: I loved the red. Of course the IPA was standout but the red was balanced and hoppy, my favorite was the “Plan B“, more of a hoppy pale, and the “Billy Bad Ass“.

The hours are very limited. Thankfully they had just started to be open on Thursdays the week we were there! Fate. They are open Thursdays and Fridays from 4-8pm and Saturdays from noon to 8pm.

This was a fun find. All of the people sitting around were local and excited to support these cool cats in their great beer making venture. I look forward to going back!



Wild River Brewery and Pizza Company

The were celebrating their 20th year anniversary and it was evident they had been around a long time. Very much like a Mary’s Pizza Shack kind of place: they are family friendly, great deals on pizza, and employ young adults. This was just one more notch on our brewery list. The beers pretty much all tasted the same, they were spritzy and had little flavor. A good place to go if you are in the area… as there is little around and it’s right off the main highway.

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Fall River Brewing + Taphouse

The brewery is not actually on this premise but they have the whole lineup of beers that they brew. It’s a small little spot in a strip mall with a lineup of freaking incredible beers. You can do a sampler of the brews but only choose 6. We chose all of the hoppy beers: the widowmaker was one of my tops. Love the name. All of the IPA’s and the hoppy pale ale was out of this world.

The guy behind the bar was cool, they had college football on as all of the guys at the bar commiserated together about the World Series, game 3 and the Giants loss. We ate pizza and drank beer to help with the loss.

Fall River sells growlers, the beers off the richter, and I highly recommend it!!



Wild Card Brewing

We were hitting Redding late at night and after trying desperately to watch game 3 of the world series, we were stoked that Wild Card was still open after the game ended {a sad, sad ending….} We chit chatted with the owner and he gave us a tour of the brewery. A cool little spot. Their story is that they just picked up and left for London so he could pursue brewing, then they did it again when they came back here and decided to start their own venture. The husband and wife team use the term “Wild Card” as their mantra. It’s how they operate and it’s working for them. The beers are fantastic. I love the Liars Dice and {Oddly enough} the Double Down Imperial Red.

Owner and Brewer, Jeff made us feel right at home and stayed after and told us the whole story, gave us the run-down on all of the beers, and his philosophy. It made for a nice impression of this fairly new brewery. Look for their beers at the West Side Grill in Santa Rosa and soon to be distributed in Northern California.

This brewery is worth the visit. It’s the only true brewery in Redding.

Follow them on twitter here {there are a few Wild Card’s so finding them can be confusing}.



Redwood Curtain Brewing

Our 297th brewery. We cut over to the coast on a week long beer trip from Seattle. Redwood Curtain has been on our radar for a long time since our friends at Beer Craft put some of their fantastic beers on their even more fantastic beer list.

A small brewery, opens at 3pm. Get there right at 3pm or before because the place fills up fast! Sampler of all the beers, amazing. They will fill any growler too so come prepared but buy one of theirs too. All of the beers are worth writing home about. My favs were the Tropical Thunder DIPA and the Centennial Jack Pale.

Great people, cool schwag, fantastic beer. Worth the trip.


Mad River Brewing

Mad River Brewing Company: Everything one would expect from a small town like Blue Lake. Easy going brewery with a bunch of hard working men posted up at the bar alongside the more hippie-like personalities, just looking to sip on some good craft beer.


Great bartender: nice, helpful, funny.

Kid friendly/Family friendly environment and they have games. 

The place is funky. Clean with outdoor seating. They serve food and samplers of all their beers. They sell mini growlers, larger ones and the insulated big daddy’s.

To top it off: there was a man playing a banjo outside the door in the corner of the building complex. Awesome. All reasons why I LOVE beer travel



Pink Together + Better Together

I know that many of the people I know have all either lost someone or gone through tough times due to cancer of some sort with a loved one at a time in their lives. I have seen cancer hit many people I care about. I have known a few ladies who have fought the fight against breast cancer and recently after launching this promotion, I have learned more stories from wonderful women who came into Trione and shared their personal feelings and stories. I also felt honored to have a couple share their intimate stories {Both the mans perspective and the ladies difficulties and how it affected their marriage} with me. That really set the tone for this “Think PINK October” promotion. We are doing this for real people and supporting real issues, and fighting for real families. It’s amazing.


Graphic courtesy of North West Pharmacy

Photo courtesy of North west Pharmacy 

Each event I get to create and each promotion I am given permission to do, I am amazed by the family I work for. My job is seriously really great. This month, all month long Trione is thinking pink and donating 15% of total sales for our Zinfandel and Primitivo. Buy online here or come visit the tasting room, taste the wines, learn about the family and our brand, and help support the fight against breast cancer.

In keeping inline with the Sonoma County ways of loving the outdoors and cycling: Trione has also partnered with the Trek Store of Santa Rosa to raffle off two Electra Townie 7D “His + Hers” bikes!! To buy tickets and to look at these pretty babies, come on by the tasting room in Geyserville!

You can also buy tickets online here. The more you spend, the better the deal! These bikes are each valued at $478.

Spread the word and help us raise more money for the cure! Tweet @Moxie_Lady @TrioneWinery @TrekSantaRosa #Trione4theCure #TrioneForTheCure #BetterTogether