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RECIPES – Mostly paleo and whole30 style cooking here. I fell hard for the clean eating movement, and being a HUGE foodie, I strive to create exciting and deliciously creative dishes to satisfy the need to eat something more exciting while still eating clean. All recipes are my own unless otherwise noted. I mostly dabble in dishes that are easy to make in bulk so as to freeze some for later, quick dinners for the working mom, because I am, and things that the entire family will like, because that just makes things simpler!  

TRAVEL – I enjoy sharing my experiences with my readers and social media channels. I like to talk to locals when I travel to new areas and find the best places to hike, the cool places to get drinks, the hot spots for food, and the best places for coffee. It’s important to get the local influence in order to have a true genuine experience in that area. Not all of us can speak to locals so I take what I’ve learned and experienced and share it on MOXIE LADY.

LIFESTYLE – All of the above, plus family stuff, work, entertaining, ideas, tips & tricks, local events, beer/wine/food events in the North Bay/Bay Area and beyond, and more. All things life. And the occasional SF Giants gab.
I hope you will find MOXIE LADY resourceful when planning beer-cations, when looking at what events to go to in the Bay Area, when you are stuck eating the same ‘ol thing and need something fresh and new, or when you just want to check out what I’ve been saying lately.


I hope you will find MOXIE LADY resourceful when planning beer-cations, when looking at what events to go to in the Bay Area, when you are stuck eating the same ‘ol thing and need something fresh and new, or when you just want to check out what I’ve been saying lately.





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21 Day Fix Super Yummy Dinner Recipes

I recently started the Beach Body program 21 Day Fix and I LOVE it! I love the Shakeology {I use the vegan chocolate} and I love the workouts. It’s helpful that there is someone modifying the workouts, it keeps me going if I feel like I need to stop, I just modify. The other cool thing about the 21 Day Fix is the meal plan. While it’s tough to plan ahead, it really makes you hold yourself accountable to YOURSELF to plan ahead and list out what you will eat for the day:

  1. B -breakfast
  2. S – snack
  3. L – lunch
  4. S – snack
  5. D – dinner

Because I have been doing Whole30 off and on for so long and Paleo, I have the whole planning ahead, cooking, and making extras to freeze thing down! Here is the kicker – you measure everything…yep, everything! That does make it hard but you get the hang of it fast. I put my meals into containers and just make sure I have my day planned and packed the night before, then I feel less stressed. I love food and I need lots of flavor, I also get board of food easily so I have come up with some fun, super easy, non-recipe recipes to share. Check it out, even the least coordinated home-cooks can cook this stuff!

Veggie Stir Fry: sugar snap peas, carrots, mushrooms, yellow onion all sauteed and finished with roasted bell peppers. Start with the onions, then add in carrots, then mushrooms and lastly the sugar snap peas so they are still slightly crunchy. Use a touch of olive oil to saute. Your Containers: whatever you measure out, I usually bring 1.5 cups to work with me for lunch so 1.5 Green and since I used Olive Oil, I add 1 tsp. of oil to my 21 Day Tracker.

Chicken and veggie tacos: corn tortillas softened and heated up in a pan, add shredded cheddar cheese and allow to melt then top with grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, and spinach. This is one of my favs! Add salt and pepper to taste. Your Containers: 2 tacos – 1 Yellow, 1.5 Green, 1 Blue, 1/2 Red

Spinach salad with brown rice and tomatoes: I cook my rice with roasted mushroom broth {homemade}. Spinach, 1/2 cup brown rice, chopped tomatoes, and your favorite dressing. I use 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp champagne vinegar and a squirt of Dijon mustard with a little salt and pepper. Your containers: 2.5 Green, 1 Yellow, 1/2 Orange

Veggie salad with sirloin: SO GOOD! Blanch your corn on the cob and let it cool before cutting the kernels off the cob. For the salad use fresh spinach, sliced heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced grilled sirloin, and champagne vinaigrette. Your containers: 3 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1/2 Orange

Staying on track with 21 Day Fix. Spices and containers, plan ahead! Stay successful with the 21 Day Fix containers (Green = 1 cup, Red = 3/4 cup, Blue = 1/3 cup, Purple = 1 cup, Yellow = 1/2 cup, orange = 2 tsp.) You can also order these clear containers from Amazon or buy them at your local kitchen store – the quart container is 4 cups, the mid-size is 2 cups, and the small is 1 cup. They store easily and you can freeze food in them! Use tape to write the name of the food and date on the outside. You’ll have pre-proportioned food all the time! Visit your local spice shop and smell the spices, ask for help and buy things you may not usually go for to keep things interesting, you will be happy you did. Get your spice rubs sugar free and salt free when possible and you will be able to use them more often without adding in additional calories.

These recipes are super easy, very healthy, and of so satisfying! Your entire family will love these too. Keep it simple and exciting when it comes to food, that’s my motto. I am on day 9 now and doing great. I feel a bit tired but overall my energy is great, my skin looks better, I feel stronger, and I am down 10 pounds! I know I shouldn’t be weighing myself but I had to look. I am loving this program and what I love more than anything {besides the food} is the accountability group – these ladies in the group are fantastic, encouraging, and inspiring. You feel safe and a part of something. They want to know how you felt when you worked out. If you have a bad day, you tell them, they want to know and they will make you feel better and know that it’s ok, tomorrow is a new day! So sign up, you will not regret it! It’s like a family who you want to workout with and show up for.

Good luck!

Click here to read more about the program – you can select any of the workouts you want to do but to start I totally recommend the 21 Day Fix. You pay initially for the accountability group, 30 days of your shake, and one full year of 600+ workouts that you can stream ANYWHERE! It’s amazing! So check it out, and you will be happy you did! Plus, you’ll get access to all these cool ladies to be right there with you on your journey to be more healthy.


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