Pink Together + Better Together

I know that many of the people I know have all either lost someone or gone through tough times due to cancer of some sort with a loved one at a time in their lives. I have seen cancer hit many people I care about. I have known a few ladies who have fought the fight against breast cancer and recently after launching this promotion, I have learned more stories from wonderful women who came into Trione and shared their personal feelings and stories. I also felt honored to have a couple share their intimate stories {Both the mans perspective and the ladies difficulties and how it affected their marriage} with me. That really set the tone for this “Think PINK October” promotion. We are doing this for real people and supporting real issues, and fighting for real families. It’s amazing.

Graphic courtesy of North West Pharmacy

Photo courtesy of North west Pharmacy 

Each event I get to create and each promotion I am given permission to do, I am amazed by the family I work for. My job is seriously really great. This month, all month long Trione is thinking pink and donating 15% of total sales for our Zinfandel and Primitivo. Buy online here or come visit the tasting room, taste the wines, learn about the family and our brand, and help support the fight against breast cancer.

In keeping inline with the Sonoma County ways of loving the outdoors and cycling: Trione has also partnered with the Trek Store of Santa Rosa to raffle off two Electra Townie 7D ”His + Hers” bikes!! To buy tickets and to look at these pretty babies, come on by the tasting room in Geyserville!

You can also buy tickets online here. The more you spend, the better the deal! These bikes are each valued at $478.

Spread the word and help us raise more money for the cure! Tweet @Moxie_Lady @TrioneWinery @TrekSantaRosa #Trione4theCure #TrioneForTheCure #BetterTogether

Barrel Works

Barrel Works is probably one of my top five best finds so far in beer travel. A little bummed that we could not get a growler of anything but it was worth the wait to be able to taste their delicious brews.

Great beers, away from the busy Firestone atmosphere, and awesome people behind the bar. We chatted with some of the friendliest and knowledgeable bartenders we have come across. She told us about Babi’s Beer Emporium where we met Emilio Estevez… that’s for another post though.

Giants bus ride adventure

At my job I get to put together so many amazing events and incorporate some really fun things. Usually it’s the typical food and wine paired meals or something cool in the vineyards but this time we did a bus ride for 40 people to the San Francisco Giants game where they were playing against the L.A. Dodgers. Not too shabby. We had a great group of 40, some met at us at the stadium, we had delicious wines and refreshing beers on the bus there. We all were decked out in Giants orange for #OrangeFriday and we came well equipped with #HunterPenceSigns. It was a BLAST!

It’s really a spectacular thing to be able to have a great experience in the tasting room with members and then have one outside of everyone element at a place everyone loves. Our members love hanging with us as much as we love hanging with them because at Trione we are real. #Winning.


AND it was great to #BEATLA 9-0.


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1273_edited-1



Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1286_edited-1


Trione Giants Adventure


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1324_edited-1

Best new discovery!

I have been pinning like crazy the last few days to try to get some inspiration and I came across the best thing ever: Mason jar salads. Brilliant. I have often eaten my salads without dressing because I did not have a container that wouldn’t leak or I dropped the container of dressing and it spilled all over. This way, all of the fixings for the salad PLUS the dressing can be in one container.

Dressing first. Then harder veggies because they will not get soggy. Add lettuce, cheese, and protein {all cold}. It’s the perfect way to transport a salad. I even made several at once and as long as the dressing is on the bottom and the jar is kept upright, the salad will taste fresh and stay crisp!


Salad jars

Harvest Time with Trione: My latest Sonoma Discoveries article

Harvest with the Trione Family

Jess Poshepny Vallery


As I anticipate harvest at Trione Vineyards & Winery, I picture how we get elbows (and knees)-deep in fruit. “Here we go team!” are the words that come out of everyone’s mouth as the trucks drive up with Russian River Pinot Noir from our River Road Ranch. The guys from the ranch step out of the truck with smiles on their faces as we start to process the first red fruit for our still wines (we pick some Chardonnay and Pinot Noir back in mid-August for a small lot of a sparkling brut).


Vineyard operations manager Kris Hicks works very closely with winemaker Scot Covington to ensure the best fruit is coming to Trione. The winery maintains 650 acres of vineyards, and only 2 to 3 percent are used for Trione wines. This makes for an exciting job for Scot. He literally cherry-picks small blocks on our ranches with Kris and decides what he would like to use from vintage to vintage.


At the sorting table

Everyone is excited when the red berries come in because we all belly-up to the sorting table to pick through the fruit after it goes through the destemmer. We are looking for bigger stems that did not come off, bugs, leaves and anything else that does not belong.

Working on the sorting table is fun – the Trione family comes out and the whole company works together – and we invite club members to join us.

Trione Pinot Noir grapes being sorted {Photo courtesy of Sherrie Housman}


A family affair

Local legacy Henry Trione started the family business more than 40 years ago.  In 2005, Denise, my boss and the operations director, her dad (Mark), and uncle (Vic) decided to get back into winemaking. During harvest, club members and guests are often greeted by the Trione family: Mark, Cathy, Vic, Henry, Denise and even little Georgia (Denise and Kris’ daughter: 4th generation) and invited to witness the harvest action and taste fruit right off the truck, if it’s available.


Family-owned may seem tough at times because there can be many different opinions about the way things should be done, but where I work, we love working for a family. We feel like we are a part of it and so do our guests. During harvest, the joy is seen on everyone’s faces and we are reminded what the wine business is about: making people happy and having fun doing it.

In the fall, my hospitality team and I have opportunities to “get dirty” in the cellar. After the grapes are sorted and the wines are fermented, the tanks are drained and the pomace must be dug out. One year our winemaker decided to turn a difficult task into a fun and educational activity: digging out a tank. We all shared in the dirty, tough job and turned it into a competition: who could dig out the tank the fastest?

Having been in the wine business for 13 years, I had never carried a hose around the cellar, let alone dug out a tank of Cabernet Sauvignon, until Trione. I thought I knew what I was in for but it wasn’t until I jumped in and felt pomace between my toes and sank into the tank until the cap came up to my knees that I realized this was going to be hard. With a heavy plastic shovel, I carved myself out a starting point and began scooping the pomace out through the small tank door, about a foot and a half in diameter.

092509-JP tank 002

I could hear my co-worker Claire yelling out my time, and my heart began to race as I hustled to get through it. Between the weight of the soaking wet, slippery fruit and the heavy fumes, my body was tired, and I was only at minute five. With encouragement from my co-workers, I finished extracting six tons of Cabernet pomace in just over eighteen minutes, making me the fastest girl that year. Exhaustion took over my entire body after I was finished and, while it was exciting, I was very happy to go back to my job in sales and marketing. The Triones believe in education, so those who work for the company are taught as much as we can soak in. It’s a wonderful hands-on experience; and during harvest, the more hands-on-deck, the better.


Experience harvest – See for yourself

I love when our guests want to experience more “behind the scenes” action on their vacations or trips to the wine country. Some people have never seen a basket press or open-top fermentation tank; and if it’s not too busy, we can bring them into the cellar, let them walk up onto the cat walk and feel the cap (the part of the fruit that firms up at the top of the tank and is pressed down daily to extract color into the juice) inside the tank. Here they really see where the wine process starts, and we enjoy sharing our passion for wine with them.


Longtime local members Marilyn and Manuel have had the opportunity to get hands-on experience making wine since vintage 2011. New York City Club members Tony and Shawn live for these special experiences and are members at more than twenty wineries. They were lucky enough to stumble into the winery the day before fruit was scheduled to come in during 2010. Our winemaker asked if they’d like to come back and be put to work, and they agreed. Laughs were shared during the 7-hour workday; and when a lizard was found in a bunch of grapes, everyone squirmed.


Whether it’s sorting grapes at the beginning of harvest, seeing the process of punch-downs, or tasting samples of the wines from the barrel with Scot as the season winds down – we are always happy to share the love. There is something about knowing where the wine first started and how the grapes were processed that makes the finished wine taste so much better. The experience connects us to the product, and we remember those feelings. Harvest time creates memories, and we at Trione want to share those with our fellow wine lovers and guests.


To see the article, look for Sonoma Discoveries Magazine in all local stores {free} or visit Sonoma Discoveries here. 

Harvest time in Wine Country

One of the best things about living in Sonoma County is Harvest time- Harvest time truly is the Best time. Not only are the gardens full with tasty seasonal produce and the local restaurants serving up delicious market inspired dishes, but the smell of fermenting fruit is thick in the air and everyone is having a great time working and making wine! There are long hours that sometimes head into the evenings and the reward are the smiles on our guests faces when they get to experience this part of the wine process for the first time, or when the sun is setting and the orange hues spread across the sky, or when we pop that first bottle of refreshing craft beer.

Harvest time is the best time.

Trione Pinot Noir grapes being sorted {Photo courtesy of Sherrie Housman}

I love that I LOVE what I do!

In a recent discussion about “what the heck is it all for anymore? Work, work, work… And for what?” With an old friend, I was inclined to reminisce about my last few years at my job. I am truly blessed with the opportunities that I have been given- I work with amazing people and get to host some of the most incredible wine club members with unique and fun personalities: nothing compares.



My job is amazing. I help create awesome experiences, delicious culinary masterpieces paired with some of the finest wines in Sonoma County.


What is it all worth? Working like a dog…. When you do something you love, it’s worth it.

So I say to my friend: find what you are good at. Find that inner talent and that day job will make you smile because it’ll be a part of you.

Petaluma Hills Brewing

We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Petaluma Hills Brewing Company. We had had their beers before at events and met some of the owners and really enjoyed the beers. We headed of to Petaluma on a date night after having some delicious sushi at Hana and a nice shopping trip to Costco.

We met Austin, one of the owners sons and learned all about how the brewery came about, all of the crazy hoops they had to jump through before opening, and how it’s all a true family business. It was way cool. The father, the head brewer started brewery beer years ago and one day he was sharing a beer with his friend in their backyard and the friend said, “You know, this is really good, you can sell it!!” He thought, “Nah” but then decided why not? So he set off to start his own brewery. They have been working on opening the brewery for several years now. They would market their beers and take them to the various tastings around the bay area. I first had them at the San Francisco Beer Week Gala and then again at the Ales for Autism event.

They have a great variety of different styles. I really enjoyed the ESB and of course the IPA. The IPA is dry hopped with a Mosaic hops that was bought from Vinnie at Russian River Brewing Company and another type {I cannot recall the name so I will have to go back to find out!} to add a nice floral characteristic on the nose. It was pretty stunning.

The place is your typical brewery: open, exposed tanks, hops and barley stacked up on the floor in the storage room, darts, lots of room at the bar because they want to be able to teach people about beer. It’s cool. I love how they have USB ports built into the bar- of all 270 breweries we have been to, we have never seen that at any of them. Brilliant. They are even planning on carrying the cords so if you forget one, you can buy it for a great “brewery” price. It’s a great addition to the brewery community in the north bay. You can go to their website and check out just how wholesome they really are because they shout out {on the front page} to all of the local new breweries and they make mention of those small breweries opening soon. Love it.

Brewery number 270: success.

We will definitely be making this our new stop on the way to the Giants games!

Petaluma Hills Brewing Company

Burrata + Wine

Summertime means fresh fruits, veggies, and lot’s of time to spend eating delicious appetizers at local restaurants and sipping on good wine. One of my recent favorites is the burrata and prosciutto at Catelli’s. I recently tried it out with our Trione Rose of Pinot Noir and just as I suspected, it’s a superb pairing!

Catelli’s {The Rex} is located in Geyserville, just North of Healdsburg. They are open daily for lunch and dinner and recently have opened their new stunning patio. Stop by Trione Winery Thursday through Monday for a bottle of chilled rose and head on up there- it’s a great combo!

Trione Pinot Noir Rose and Burrata at Catellis