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Pliny the Younger – More Exciting than Santa Claus

Pliny the Younger – More Exciting than Santa Claus

It’s “Younger” Time!! Pliny the Younger is to beer loving adults like Santa Claus is to children under 10. We make our plans for the day or days we will wait in line, make lists of what we will bring to occupy our time, and […]

Drink Up, it’s Time for SF Beer Week

Drink Up, it’s Time for SF Beer Week

SF Beer week is one of my favorite times of the year; it’s my birthday and I get to enjoy copious amounts of amazing beers from all across the Bay Area and beyond. Beer week is an action packed week filled with beer dinners, beer […]



NORCAL BEER GEEKS FESTIVAL TOMORROW!   Don’t miss the 3rd annual NorCal Beer Geeks Festival TOMORROW at the Petaluma veterans building. A fun beer event with a great cause. Here are the details on Sonoma Magazine.  Hope to see you there! Cheers, Jess


Summertime is about being out in the beautiful outdoors with family and friends enjoying life. Life for me is all about great food, wine, craft beer, and family. There’s nothing better than being in the middle of a vineyard with stunning views soaking up the […]

Best Damn Dirty 30 Ever

My husband and I went to my favorite place on earth for my 30th birthday: New York City. We went to see some friends, hang out, eat great food, see the city, and drink beer. My husband had something more up his sleeve…he arranged with […]

Loowit Brewery

Loowit was cool. They have a small front space but then the back opens up into a huge space for games and hanging out sipping on good beers. The bartender was great- very helpful and had positive energy. We were making our way into Portland […]

Dirty Hands Brewing

In the sleepy little town of Vancouver, we found Dirty Hands inside a building that looked like an old catering company. It was quiet but the gal behind the bar was very cool. She came form San Diego and knew her beers. Since we were […]

Harmon Brewing Company

Harmon Brewing Company is huge and old and funky. The beers are ok and worth a try but nothing so spectacular. In downtown Tacoma, there are a lot of places to go but we wanted to grab a bite to eat and thought this was […]

Sound Brewery

Sound is a small little warehouse with a tiny tap room. It was still raining pretty hard so it seemed like people were finding a spot to hang out and just post up for a while, so this was a crowded place. The beers were […]

Slippery Pig Brewery

Slippery Pig Brewery has potential to be a great place to hang out. The space is huge, they have a lot of entertainment, and seems like a cool spot to go and listen to music in the small viking town. You can bring in your […]