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Big Island Brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus On a rainy drive back from Hilo to Kona we decided to take a detour and hit the big Island Brewhaus. The Overbourd IPA we had picked up from the market across from where we are staying and fell in love. Unlike […]

Beer VS Wine

  At a recent wine tourism conference we had a session about beer and wine tourism. What are these breweries doing that wineries are not doing in order to be more successful? What separates out the beer industry from the wine industry? It’s the connections. […]

Quick + Easy Padron Peppers

Eyeing those baskets of freshly harvested Padron peppers at the farmers market but not quite sure what to do with them? They are so full of flavor on their own so the little you do, the better. Heat up olive oil in a pan, just […]

AT & T Ballpark Do’s & Don’ts

With the baseball season in full swing and having been to three games already since home opener on April 8th, I thought it would be fitting to describe a bit of ballpark etiquette {in my humble opinion of course}. If you’ve ever been to a […]


Thanksgiving is a time for love, appreciation, memories, family recipes, and great food but behind all of that…{the elements that nobody wishes to discuss: the grudges, the distractions, the insults, the insecurities, the secrets, the embarrassing times, the family history… the list is endless} is […]

The Honeymoon Trip

Our honeymoon was chalked full of fun EVERY single day. We are fortunate that we have so many people that love us so we had lot’s of friends to meet up with and my hubby is fortunate that his new wife loves baseball and beer! […]

Eleven Madison

Eleven Madison was by far the best dining experience thus far. From the moment we sat down, not receiving a menu, being completely surprised, sitting next to my hubby and enjoying every single bite- this restaurant was like a dream! The Picnic Basket of cheese […]


My hubby and I have had a great few months. We went to Spring Training with our pals, brought back a ton of awesome craftbeers from Total Wine in Arizona. Then we went on our honeymoon to Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, New Jersey and New […]