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Russian River Brewery- My Neighborhood Hangout Spot

Over the last several years I have traveled to over 370 breweries across the U.S. and written about the various beers, taprooms, people, and food. I have been asked why I have yet to write about Russian River, the best brewery in the U.S. and […]

Moxie’s Chicken and Vegetable Soup with St. Florian’s 48/96

St. Florian’s Brewery has been a longtime favorite of mine since they opened just a few years ago. They are an awesome family and are striving to help firefighters and those in need. They’re constantly donating to local charities and they just care. I like […]

Are you a beer trader or a beer traitor?

The urge to travel all over for beer has grown immencley with every trip I take and every bottle I open. My husband and I have began to check Kayak regularly for weekend trips to PDX and Seattle since our local airport flies directly there and […]

Big Island Brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus On a rainy drive back from Hilo to Kona we decided to take a detour and hit the big Island Brewhaus. The Overbourd IPA we had picked up from the market across from where we are staying and fell in love. Unlike […]

Beer VS Wine

  At a recent wine tourism conference we had a session about beer and wine tourism. What are these breweries doing that wineries are not doing in order to be more successful? What separates out the beer industry from the wine industry? It’s the connections. […]

Beer + Food

Falling Sky Brewery & Delicatessen is neat inside: it’s got sort of a vintage feel with the brick wall and every so often a single brick slightly pushed out that then rest with a bold bright color and the long, family style table down the […]

Claim 52 Brewing

Claim 52 was a great find. I was using the nearby feature on Untappd and we kind of stumbled onto this one. We asked around about it and all the local breweries said it was definitely worth waiting for them to open. They are open […]

Old 99 Brewing Company

In the tiny little one horse town of Roseburg, Orgeon, is this small little warehouse style brewery owned by three couples {two who live nearby and one who lives in Vancouver}. The wives run the front of the show and the husbands brew the beer. […]

Wild Card Brewing

We were hitting Redding late at night and after trying desperately to watch game 3 of the world series, we were stoked that Wild Card was still open after the game ended {a sad, sad ending….} We chit chatted with the owner and he gave […]

Redwood Curtain Brewing

Our 297th brewery. We cut over to the coast on a week long beer trip from Seattle. Redwood Curtain has been on our radar for a long time since our friends at Beer Craft put some of their fantastic beers on their even more fantastic […]