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Sweet Chili Lime Sauce

Sweet Chili Lime Sauce Whole30 Approved   This is amazing on grilled chicken, stewed vegetables, or as a dipping sauce for vegetables in replacement of hummus. This is a great, fresh tasting sauce/dip to bust out for an appetizer with sliced cucumbers, peppers, carrots, and […]

Kale Chips

Kale Chips Whole30 Approved I LOVE these. I did not think that I would and have been putting of making them because I knew they were a lot of work. Well, they are worth it! These are the perfect snack that is sure to satisfy […]

Moxie’s Chicken Avocado & Salsa Fresca Soup

I LOVE Springtime and I LOVE soup!! I have been working on perfecting this Mexican style salsa, avocado, lime soup and I believe I have finally made it! There’s a whole lotta love that goes into this, from the freshly made celery stock to the […]

Health & Harmony

Health is not just about food and exercise, it’s about feeling good, having satisfied & fulfilling relationships, and keeping our lives clutter free. In preparation for the new year I decided that it was a good of time as ever to clean out my cupboards, […]

Spiced Shrimp and Zoodles

Spiced Shrimp and Zoodles {Whole30 Approved} Kid Tested 🙂 My little loves this. It’s good for them too!  I have been pinning recipes with “Zoodles” {zucchini noodles} for the last couple of days and thought I’d better buy a spiral cutter and try them out! […]

Craft Beer + Foie Gras in Wine Country

Craft Beer + Foie Gras in Wine Country Chef’s in amazing food areas like Manhattan have been lavishing in this mouth watering dish even while it was banned in California. So after the banned was recently lifted we saw in all of the food blogs […]

Big Island Brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus On a rainy drive back from Hilo to Kona we decided to take a detour and hit the big Island Brewhaus. The Overbourd IPA we had picked up from the market across from where we are staying and fell in love. Unlike […]

Wild River Brewery and Pizza Company

The were celebrating their 20th year anniversary and it was evident they had been around a long time. Very much like a Mary’s Pizza Shack kind of place: they are family friendly, great deals on pizza, and employ young adults. This was just one more […]

Big Al Brewing

Big Al Brewing Brewery number 204 was cool. It was everything a brewery should be: small, funky, serves great beers, and the local beer makers hang there. We chatted with the locals and the beer-tender about all the cool spots we were planning on visiting. […]

Lowercase Brewing

Lowercase Brewing  Down the street from a park, this brewery is in a pretty unassuming area for most breweries. The space is very small but they take advantage of every last square foot of it. The brewer was working on his recipe and climbing up […]