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Pliny the Younger – More Exciting than Santa Claus

Pliny the Younger – More Exciting than Santa Claus

It’s “Younger” Time!! Pliny the Younger is to beer loving adults like Santa Claus is to children under 10. We make our plans for the day or days we will wait in line, make lists of what we will bring to occupy our time, and […]

Drink Up, it’s Time for SF Beer Week

Drink Up, it’s Time for SF Beer Week

SF Beer week is one of my favorite times of the year; it’s my birthday and I get to enjoy copious amounts of amazing beers from all across the Bay Area and beyond. Beer week is an action packed week filled with beer dinners, beer […]

Kona Brewing Company- Big Island

We went to Kona Brewing on Oahu and that was great- the view was spectacular. This brewery is the main one, it’s pretty sweet: they have good food: pizzas, tacos, salads. It’s all tasty. The beers are delicious. They have a gift shop right at […]

Big Island Brewhaus

Big Island Brewhaus On a rainy drive back from Hilo to Kona we decided to take a detour and hit the big Island Brewhaus. The Overbourd IPA we had picked up from the market across from where we are staying and fell in love. Unlike […]

AC Golden Brewing Company

A brewery within a brewery…Technically, being inside the Miller-Coors brewery, we passed by and saw the AC Golden brewing section, therefore this made it on our list of breweries for #beertravel. It’s a small barrel operation within the Miller-Coors Brewery. The AC Golden, named for […]

Miller-Coors Brewing

Now I could not go to Colorado and not take the Coors tour! Or as my family liked to call it, ” the Cerrs terr” The have everything very well organized. You walk up to the bus stop area and the wait was a little […]

Beer Craft, quite possibly the greatest place on earth… at least in Sonoma County

Four years ago today my hubby and made it official {as official as you can be before marriage :)} and we celebrated our love by going to our favorite beer shop. Beer Craft officially opened their tap room today and had their “Grand Opening”.  Until […]

Napa Point Brewing Company: changing the brewery scene? I hope not….

At first approach, we had a great impression, “beer here” and other signs screamed at us that we were in fact going the right way as we were driving through the warehouse/industrial area leading us right to the correct spot. On more than fifty occasions […]

Woodfour Brewing

Excited to go to the new Barlow in Sebastopol on the way out to Bodega Bay with the family, we tried out the new brewery: Woodfour.  I was ever so disappointed in the entire experience at Woodfour Brewing. The setting lead me to believe that […]