Fun things happening at Trione Winery {As always}

Everyone loves a fun event but in recent years one event has sort of gotten out of hand one could say, or it’s exhausting to put on… Barrel Tasting. It’s lost it’s appeal, in my opinion. So at Trione we wanted to do something super fun and unique so we are doing a we are NOT doing barrel tasting weekend!!



March 12th & 13th

11am to 4pm

Are you tired of being barrel wasted?! Avoid the craziness of the barrel tasting weekend and come relax at Trione Winery.

From 11-4pm we will have live music from BackTrax on Saturday and the Kyle Martin Band on Sunday. Bring your kiddos and pets, spend the afternoon sipping on wines by the glass in the (almost) spring-like weather, bring a picnic or enjoy sliders and a slaw bar from Peloton Catering.

$20 per person for two glasses of wine and (one serving of food) two sliders.

See more on Trione’s blog.


I love food and I love to eat healthy, but there is one thing that I cannot ever take out of my diet, CHEESE. It’s the best food in the entire world, in my opinion. In all my years of being a foodie, I have not found a cheese I did not like. I swoon over classic sharp cheddar, Jarlsberg Swiss, smoked Gouda, dry aged Gouda, and triple cream Bries. I have been known to sit down with a chunk of Swiss and sliced granny smith apples and just snack until… well the evidence is gone. It can happen so fast! My love affair with this food group is fun and something I won’t give up, that’s why I am so thrilled about the California Artisan Cheese Festival coming up on March.









The weekend of March 18-20th the Sheraton Petaluma will host the 10th annual artisan cheese festival and a series of educational and fun seminars, tours, tastings, and events followed by a grand celebration on Saturday night. Local foodies, entrepreneurs, vintners, craft brewers, chefs, and fromagiers from across the country will get together to highlight cheese.

Learn how to eat it, what to look for in pairing cheese with wine, cider, or beer, how it’s made, and how to properly serve it. Enjoy educational tours at local farms for a more in-depth experience. Watch a little friendly competition to create “the best bite” on Friday night sounds fun and exciting: chefs are provided with a wheel, bowl, or block of cheese and are asked to create their best bite. Meet and chat with the cheese-makers, pick their brains, and learn the story and the process along with all of the blood, sweat, and tears that really go into producing cheese.















On Saturday night from 6-9pm the California Cheesin’ celebration takes place. Chefs from all over are given artisan cheeses to incorporate into a mind-blowing appetizer for gusts to sample throughout the evening. Cast your vote for the very best, the winner will be announced during the event. Tickets are only $75 per person for this delicious event. Wine, craft beer, and cider will be provided to pair with the appetizers.

Here are the cheese-makers and producers that you can expect to see at the events:

Achadihna Cheese Company
Beehive Cheese Company
Bellwether Farms
Central Coast Creamery
Cowgirl Creamery
Cypress Grove Chevre
Dairy Goddess
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company
Laura Chenel’s Chèvre
Marin French Cheese Company
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company
Orland Farmstead Creamery
Pedrozo Dairy and Cheese
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Pug’s Leap
Sierra Nevada Cheese Company
Two Rock Valley Goat Cheese Company
Valley Ford Cheese Company
Weirauch Farm
Willapa Hills Cheese

All of the weekends events are listed here, sign up now in order to reserve your seat, these events sell out!

The California Artisan Cheese Festival supports the artisan the cheese-making community directly by contributing 10% of ticket proceeds to nonprofit organizations that work to protect the lands needed by the artisan cheese-makers for their cows, sheep, and goats and train the next generation of milk producers and cheese-makers. The event also donates money to support these local non-profits: Redwood Empire Food Bank, Petaluma Future Farmers of America, Sonoma Land Trust, California Artisan Cheese Guild, and Marin Agricultural Land Trust.

I will be pouring Trione wines at the Saturday evening celebration, and Tim {my hubby} will be there serving something fantastic and creative with his chef de cuisine, Patrick of Peloton Culinary & Catering. Come by our tables and taste our pairings. I’ll be photographing the grub during the event too, so follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter: @Moxie_Lady.

08 30 15_4524_edited-1.jpg







Buy your tickets to the events here. 

Hope to see you there!

Cheers to good food, cheese, and craft!


International Food Bloggers Conference

I will be boarding a plane at STS tomorrow morning to head to Seattle {A food mecca} for the International Food Bloggers Conference where I am pouring Trione wines and will be blogging and tweeting live about all of the goods.

Follow along with the IFBC on twitter and check out the pretty pictures on Instagram.

I will be tweeting from @Moxie_Lady and @TrioneWinery as well as on Instagram {Moxie_Lady} and {TrioneWinery}. All photos are shot with a Nikon D5100 and Iphone 6Plus. If you like the photos I post of your food during the event, I am happy to share them with you for appropriate credit!

Moxie taco 3.jpg





I am most looking forward to listening in on these sessions:

– 11:30-12:30 Writing session: Honing the craft by Jess Thomson (Hogwash) LOCATED IN BALLROOM A

– 2:10 – 3:10 PM Writing, Food Photography and Prop Styling
 Andie Mitchell (Can You Stay For Dinner), Aran Goyoaga (Cannelle et Vanille, author, food photographer, food stylist), and Jenn Elliott Blake (A Blog Named Scout and prop stylist). LOCATED IN BALLROOMS A & B

I am bringing some cool schwag to the gift suite on Friday night: wine skins for those who are wanting to bring home a bottle of wine or olive oil from the event {These wine skins are the perfect travel companion and last for many uses} and while supplies last I’ll have Trione external battery chargers for your phone {this works for droids and iphone, all you need is your cord}. If you pick up a gift, please post a photo of yourself with it, or something cool, and tag us with #DrinkTrione. We love to see that people are using our schwag!!

Find me in the 3rd floor foyer on Saturday evening after the conference sessions for the grand tasting wine reception from 5:30-7pm. In the Metropolitan Ballroom I will be pouring at the expo from 7-9pm. Come say hello, post your photos, sip on Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel.

I know there is going to be a lot of great food vendors, awesome gadgets to check out, good people to connect and network with!

See you there!


Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

The highly anticipated Wine Country Weekend is right around the corner on one of the busiest weekends of the year: Labor Day. People are scrambling to find a room for a night or two because the weekends festivities are not to be missed! I have always been a fan of AirBnb and highly recommend signing up if you have not yet. Night one of #SWCW is the Sonoma Starlight at Coppolla Winery. Enjoy an evening of food and wine, meet the winery personnel, learn about the area, and enjoy the setting by the pool. This event is definitely a time to bust out that dress or heels because the event takes place outdoors and on concrete surfaces. People tend to go a bit more high-end for this portion. Just down the road in Geyserville is a funky, tranquil place call Isis Oasis. They have a very exotic atmosphere and it’s not for the closed minded or shy person, but if you’d like to venture out of your comfort zone and keep some green in your wallet then check this place out. Here is one of my top picks for Isis, great for a single person or a couple. It’s just about 3 miles from the popular Coppola Winery. Beings that it is so close to the event, many of the inn’s and B & B’s are already booked but Hope-Merril House has some space available too. Find yourself a safe and close place to rest your head and get ready for a fun, eventful weekend of amazing food and incredible wines coupled with the best views in the county!

Courtesy of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Courtesy of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Courtesy of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Next up on the list for #SWCW is the Taste of Sonoma event at Mac Murray Ranch. Over 200 wineries pour and 60 + Sonoma County chefs serve locally inspired dishes throughout the day. For a price of $165, guests are invited to relish in the bounty of Sonoma County all day long on the beautiful property of Mac Murray Ranch. Parking is available in several locations and generally there is a bit of walking involved, get there early to park closer. Pick up the program, decide where you want to taste, and check out the map. The event is very organized but it’s spread out so the things you really want to do, keep in mind most everyone else will probably really want to hit too {The Gloria Ferrer Bubble Lounge with Oysters is one, and they run out of oysters so get there early on!} Another item that tends to go quickly if the pairing is popular is the “Perfect Pairings”. I always participate in those each year with Peloton Catering and Trione, we don’t run out of food ever but have in the past ran out of that wine. Make note of the ones you’d like to go for and put them at the top of your list.

Some of my winery recommendations

Alexander Valley Tent:

Trione Vineyards & Winery {of course}
Kelley & Young {Rose and Sauvignon Blanc are off the charts}
Robert Young
Rodney Strong 
Stryker Sonoma 

Russian River Valley Tent: 




Other must visits:

Thralls Wine

MacPhail Family Wines

Ramey Wines 



Its an outside event so dress accordingly and bring sunblock. This is a wine country casual dress type of event: men wear shorts and Tommy Bahama-esk shirts, ladies wear summer dresses, skirt and top, wrap when cool so it’s easy to throw in a bag when it warms up.  Everything is on the lawn and some parts are dirt so ladies, wear flats for comfort or if you must wear high heels then go for wedges because we try to poke as few holes in the Mac Murray lawn as possible! There are plenty of porto-potties all around the property and they have hand washing stations as well but I always bring hand sanitizer. There are dump buckets on all of the wine tables, please use them, we try to keep the lawn free of excess wine when possible. This is a food and wine tasting event so cigarette smoke does interfere with others experience so please, if you must, go into a designated smoking section away from tasters and sniffers.

For you digital and social folks the hashtag is #SWCW you can also add in #SonomaChat when posting to twitter and Instagram. Be sure to ask the wineries and chefs about their call-tags and hashtags online too! Service can be rather spotty out there {it is the country} so your battery juice can tend to go fast, I recommend bringing an extra battery charger. Below are the kinds of bites and dishes you can expect to see!

Photo courtesy of Tim Vallery, Peloton Catering

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Photo courtesy of Tim Vallery, Peloton Catering

Taste of Sonoma event is far away from town {Healdsburg or Santa Rosa} so plan to have a designated driver, bring water, and hydrate!

The Harvest Wine Auction is one of the most fun events. It’s where all of the wineries have their own act that they put on for the crowd, and everyone bids. The proceeds all go to helping children throughout Sonoma County. At the auction, you select which winery host you’d like to sit with and you along with 6-8 others are with that winery for the afternoon during lunch. It’s a nice setting creating a very personal experience. Being able to dine with vintners and winemakers is for some, a once in a lifetime experience.

I will be out and about throughout the weekend pouring for Trione Vineyards & Winery at Sonoma Starlight and then at Taste of Sonoma I’ll have a perfect pairing with Trione and Peloton Culinary & Catering, so come on by and say hello. Find me, follow me, and tweet to me online: Moxie_Lady on Twitter and Instagram!

Enjoy the weekend, be safe, take photos and post them, and bid on the auction lots!!


Follow Trione and Peloton online for fun with food and wine all year long and tag them in your posts! 

@PelotonCatering on Instragram and Twitter

@TrioneWinery on Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #DrinkTrione in your posts on all social channels!











The Power of Social Media & Love for Craft Beer

As you know from a previous article about my love for social media and the craft beer scene: I think breweries have it down. All of it. I love being able to engage with the breweries I visit. Not only is it cool to be able to contact them ahead of time and promote them on my social channels, but it also makes the experience there better.

In a recent trip to New York City {my favorite city in the world} for my 30th birthday, I had reached out to several breweries I was intending on visiting. Sixpoint Brewery was at the top of my list and has been a place we have yearned to visit for a few years now. I tweeted to them with a lot of hopefulness that they’d reply to me and they did! Mikey contacted me with his email and through that we made a plan to meet at the brewery for a private tour. They are not open to the public but he was happy to show us around. This was one of the coolest brewery trips we have been on, it was brewery number 320 for us!

We showed up to the brewery, buzzed the doorbell and asked for Mikey. The place was covered with tools and building projects because they are remodeling. The space is not very big in general but they sure make the best of the space they have. Right away Mikey seemed chill and cool {everything you hope for on a brewery tour}. He manages the social media and content for Sixpoint and also helps out in the brewery from time-to-time. First things first: he gives us a few samples of the beers they have on tap: Hi Res, Sahti, and Gorilla Warfare. We filled up on Hi Res and made our way into the brewery. It was definitely a New York brewery: very small. It’s actually incredible what they can do in such a small space. They have a variety of different beer projects they work on and a lot of the smaller stuff is brewed at the brewery. They have another facility where they brew the rest of their beers- a 60K barrel facility. They brewery started in 2004 but the symbol {the Sixpoint Brewers Star} has been around since the dawn of civilization. The star itself is a representation of: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth together equally Great Work.

NYC 2015 Dirty 30_02 06 15_3019_edited-2


Sixpoint brews over 40 different beers. Some I have seen out and about in the city {never over on the West Coast} like the Hi Res or Resin, others I have not. Many of them you can find on draft at local spots throughout NYC. The Gorilla Warfare is a coveted brew and rightfully so; it’s fantastic, a well balanced dark beer with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts. Some others they do are the Spice of Life Series and the Mad Scientist Series. I have not had a bad beer from them!

After touring through the {working} brewery, we headed back into the main room downstairs where we set up shop and chilled out by a big ice chest that was the home for one of the brewer’s pet projects: A Pilsner he is trying to perfect.

Mikey and the brewer checking on the status of the Pilsner

We hung out and chatted about social media and other incredible beers like Hillfarmstead and other favorite IPA’s. Part of what I love about the beer world is the sharing. It’s never about having the most of a beer, it’s about sharing it with the most people. So as we sipped on Gorilla Warfare and Mikey was gathering some awesome schwag for us, we busted out a couple of fresh Pliny’s for him as a thank you. Surprised just like we were for the cool schwag {growlers, beers, and shirts}, he was stocked and looking forward to drinking the Pliny. I always love to see my neighborhood brewery beers side-by-side a pint of something I love.

I love the dedication and passion that the people who work there have for the brand and the beer. Visiting Sixpoint was a true pleasure. The team seems like they’re a solid family and as a result are warm and welcoming to others, enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing their love of Sixpoint with others. Cheers Mikey and the Sixpoint crew- you really know how to do it right!! Thanks for sharing the love!

Pink Together + Better Together

I know that many of the people I know have all either lost someone or gone through tough times due to cancer of some sort with a loved one at a time in their lives. I have seen cancer hit many people I care about. I have known a few ladies who have fought the fight against breast cancer and recently after launching this promotion, I have learned more stories from wonderful women who came into Trione and shared their personal feelings and stories. I also felt honored to have a couple share their intimate stories {Both the mans perspective and the ladies difficulties and how it affected their marriage} with me. That really set the tone for this “Think PINK October” promotion. We are doing this for real people and supporting real issues, and fighting for real families. It’s amazing.

Graphic courtesy of North West Pharmacy

Photo courtesy of North west Pharmacy 

Each event I get to create and each promotion I am given permission to do, I am amazed by the family I work for. My job is seriously really great. This month, all month long Trione is thinking pink and donating 15% of total sales for our Zinfandel and Primitivo. Buy online here or come visit the tasting room, taste the wines, learn about the family and our brand, and help support the fight against breast cancer.

In keeping inline with the Sonoma County ways of loving the outdoors and cycling: Trione has also partnered with the Trek Store of Santa Rosa to raffle off two Electra Townie 7D “His + Hers” bikes!! To buy tickets and to look at these pretty babies, come on by the tasting room in Geyserville!

You can also buy tickets online here. The more you spend, the better the deal! These bikes are each valued at $478.

Spread the word and help us raise more money for the cure! Tweet @Moxie_Lady @TrioneWinery @TrekSantaRosa #Trione4theCure #TrioneForTheCure #BetterTogether

Giants bus ride adventure

At my job I get to put together so many amazing events and incorporate some really fun things. Usually it’s the typical food and wine paired meals or something cool in the vineyards but this time we did a bus ride for 40 people to the San Francisco Giants game where they were playing against the L.A. Dodgers. Not too shabby. We had a great group of 40, some met at us at the stadium, we had delicious wines and refreshing beers on the bus there. We all were decked out in Giants orange for #OrangeFriday and we came well equipped with #HunterPenceSigns. It was a BLAST!

It’s really a spectacular thing to be able to have a great experience in the tasting room with members and then have one outside of everyone element at a place everyone loves. Our members love hanging with us as much as we love hanging with them because at Trione we are real. #Winning.


AND it was great to #BEATLA 9-0.


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1273_edited-1



Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1286_edited-1


Trione Giants Adventure


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1324_edited-1

Never Forget

My little saluting the San Francisco Giants for honoring all of the fallen on September 11, 2001. Never forget.


Do you take “selfies”?! Come to Trione for Barrel Tasting and take your “selfies” with us!!

We see the “selfie” more and more these days and instead of hating, we decided we would embrace the “selfie”!! For The Wine Roads Barrel Tasting we want to see all of the “selfies” we can and we are giving something fun away!

Barrel Tasting is THIS weekend AND next weekend, over at Trione {My job}, I get to do all sorts of fun things! We love to play games with our guests and club members, we love to chat it up with everyone and show them a fabulous time.  For Barrel Tasting we are having a photo booth people can hang their memories on the fridge after the event and always remember us. And..we are making our own photo booth to encourage the dreaded “Selfie” that everyone cannot help but take! Triones INSTA-Booth, all photos shared on Instagram.














Take a “selfie” {Or group shot} here at Trione, tag @TrioneWinery + @PelotonCatering with hastag #TRIONE on Instagram.  Each posted photo is a chance to win a VIP Lunch in the Vineyards prepared by Peloton, paired with Trione wines. Post your photos and tag us with a little blurb about why you like Trione and why you should win! Unlimited “Selfies” allowed. This is the time to come and bring out the photographer in you. Take shots of your friends being silly and goofy and possibly win an incredible private lunch in the vineyards.














Team Trione + Peloton will make the decision for best photo 4pm on each Sunday. We will make contact with the winner on Instagram to give them their winnings!

We will have plenty of games to take you back to childhood to help set the mood: twister, SORRY, Checkers, Connect 4, and more. Enjoy some good old fashioned grilled cheese panini’s made by Peloton.

So friends, come out and see the Team and me and play!!







Five years ago a group of “kids” {at heart} got together to meet Twitter friends in real life. The concept took off and before we knew it, we were having meet ups in Napa and Sonoma once per month. It was exciting meeting new people, and the groups continued to get larger and larger making networking fun and beneficial for many.

Among the group were Shana and I. We met at a wine event over five years ago. After our first meeting setup by an equally loved JMB, we realized that we probably should have met many times before that and with both of us being as social as we are, we were surprised we didn’t.

With the meet ups taking a break and it coming on a two year pause, Shana and I {good friends now} were reminiscing over a beer when we thought: let’s bring it back! We both know what it takes to throw a party and we both love parties…so why not?! We had our first Tweetup last week at my work, Trione Winery. My husband cooked up some solid food {Peloton Catering} and a bunch of old friends got together and had a blast! It was wonderful and nostalgic. We decided that we needed to keep this thing going and do some sort of “Traveling Tweetup” where we would go to businesses and promote them and have fun. What a concept?! Seems like a no brainer for sure.

If there is one thing that I have learned about the world of social media is we all just love hanging out with each other and having a good time. There are so many smart people who have a lot to offer and these events is where you’ll meet those people. I have met my marketing partners, web partners, and photographers at these events, all who I have a solid relationship with still.

One of my favorite things about these tweetups is the photos and the hashtags. They are all cool and anything goes. Photos have to be pretty and hashtags should be relevant and are always encouraged to be funny.





IMAGE_47.nef IMAGE_50.nef IMAGE_53.nef IMAGE_52.nef IMAGE_55.nef IMAGE_57.nef IMAGE_58.nef IMAGE_59.nef IMAGE_61.nef IMAGE_64.nef