Giants bus ride adventure

At my job I get to put together so many amazing events and incorporate some really fun things. Usually it’s the typical food and wine paired meals or something cool in the vineyards but this time we did a bus ride for 40 people to the San Francisco Giants game where they were playing against the L.A. Dodgers. Not too shabby. We had a great group of 40, some met at us at the stadium, we had delicious wines and refreshing beers on the bus there. We all were decked out in Giants orange for #OrangeFriday and we came well equipped with #HunterPenceSigns. It was a BLAST!

It’s really a spectacular thing to be able to have a great experience in the tasting room with members and then have one outside of everyone element at a place everyone loves. Our members love hanging with us as much as we love hanging with them because at Trione we are real. #Winning.


AND it was great to #BEATLA 9-0.


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1273_edited-1



Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1286_edited-1


Trione Giants Adventure


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1324_edited-1

Never Forget

My little saluting the San Francisco Giants for honoring all of the fallen on September 11, 2001. Never forget.


AT & T Ballpark Do’s & Don’ts

With the baseball season in full swing and having been to three games already since home opener on April 8th, I thought it would be fitting to describe a bit of ballpark etiquette {in my humble opinion of course}.

If you’ve ever been to a Giants game then you know that most anything goes. You can dress in the most insane attire, dye your hair or wear a wig, paint your face, drink your beer while walking down the street and in the parking lot, talk to strangers because they are fans as well, photo bomb other peoples photos, pull up at 10 am and crack open a brew, and leave your bottles on the ground in the lot. All of these things are acceptable because everyone wants to get on the big screen to show off their cool outfits, there is only so much time to tailgate, and there is a guy who comes around picking up the glass to make some money.

Giants Game


After a full season of many games last year, I got to thinking about all of the things that would make everyone’s time at AT&T Park more enjoyable. I figure if the Giants can train us to clap when they play a special tune   and cheer when the batter needs more love  or yell and scream “Dodger’s SUCK” even when we are not playing the Dodger’s, then we could train each other on what not to do at the ballpark. So here goes:

The Don’t ‘s

1. Don’t stand in the way of cars or continue playing catch in the parking lot when people are trying to park. Everyone is looking to have a good time, so be courteous.

2. Don’t leave trash out in the parking lot, just leave your glass {Recycling}.

3.Don’t smoke in the line to get into the park, it’s rude and gross. Children are around and someone could easily be burnt with your cherry.

4. Don’t stop in the stairwell, have your ticket out and know your section ahead of time so you do not have to stop continuously in front of people while trying to get to your seat. If you have to stop, walk to the side.

5. Don’t cut in line.

6. Don’t charge at people while walking, move with the crown and move your body to the side to be courteous when passing by in a crowd rather than hitting someones shoulders.

7. Don’t walk through the crowd and eat your fries or hot dog. You may think you can walk, look for your section, talk to your friend, AND eat, but you can’t, you’re slowing everyone down and you’re going to spill on someone else.

8. Don’t encroach in the persons space sitting next to you. Seating space is minimal, spare.

9. Don’t put your beer in front of someones feet in the bleachers or anywhere.

10. Don’t be this guy at a game: standing up and heckling at everyone else in the section especially if you are not in your home stadium….










11. Don’t start unnecessary drama with anyone from the opposing team. This is a family fun activity, children are present, alcohol is involved; nobody needs it.

12. Don’t push and shove at the end of the game when leaving, we are all going to the same place. It will not get you anywhere faster.

13. Don’t get angry if someone photo bombs you. It’s funny.

Photo Bomb!

14. Don’t be annoyed if the kids and people around you are chanting and cheering for the players, it’s a baseball game, we are supposed to do that!

15. Don’t freak out when someone is sitting in your seat, just ask them to move.

16. Don’t cuss at players, even if they are Dodgers or Brian Wilson.

17. Don’t wear a Brian Wilson jersey or shirt. I know it cost you money, but he’s a trader and as a Giants fan, it’s just not right.

Wilson Don't

18. Don’t sneeze or cough without covering your mouth while walking in the crowd, sitting at your seat, or anytime! There are enough germs floating around.

The Do’s 

1. Do move over when people are trying to get to their seat in your row. Stand up, let them by.

2. Do watch out for small children when walking in the crowds.

3. Do pick up and carry your small child if they’re tired and can barely walk.

4. Do root for your home team regardless of what section you are in!

5. Do know where you are sitting.

6. Do know the chants. Know when to sing along. Be excited. Show the love.

7. Do be prepared to move if you are sitting in someone else’s seat. We all like to move a little closer and for the most part,it’s totally acceptable especially if there is nobody sitting there, but realize that there may be and they may be back.

8. Do have your I.D. on you and be prepared to show it anytime you are buying alcohol. Two drinks per person at one time.

9. Do look down the rows of bathrooms for open stalls, most of the time more are open than you might think, you have to just pay attention.

10. Do root, root, root for the Giants!

After careful consideration and many days and nights at the ballpark, I’ve decided that many people who are new to the stadium just don’t know how to behave there. It’s up to the seasoned Giants fan to introduce a sort of etiquette. That’s my two cents for a more enjoyable baseball game experience. Go Giants!

Reminiscing about baseball season

With the recent news of my favorite player Javier Lopez being signed onto my favorite sports team for the next three years, I felt it necessary to reminisce. I first saw Javier at Spring Training when he was the only player to stop after I stood in the rain for over two hours begging each car that passed by for an autograph for my thirteen year old son. In the pouring rain, in Arizona, a police officer {with children of his own at home} felt for me so he laughed as I inched my way into the lot further, rather than arrest me, he turned his head slightly. After throwing my hand up {with new ball and sharpie in hand} for the fiftieth time, soaking wet, I was feeling like it may not be the time. In the distance I saw the big Cadillac pull forward and slow down with a long, tan arm wave me over from out of the driver window. Oh my, this was was I was waiting for! All of the waiting paid off because my cousin and I were the only ones to get an autograph that day. Javier was so kind, it was almost like he saw the look of desperation in my eyes as he waved me over. I’m not sure if I was more excited or my son for the ball with his name on it, but it was worth the wait. Since that day, Lopez has been my favorite player. That left handed hunk stole my heart when he was the only Giant to sign a ball on that one rainy day in Arizona in 2011.

Glad you’re sticking around Lopez!


Since then my family and I have spend many days and nights at AT & T Park and other ballparks across the country watching our favorite boys. We were there for the grand opening of the @ Cafe and have loved seeing our photos live ever since, we love to tweet to the Giants, we took our Christmas photo on the field when our youngest was the “play ball kid”, we shouted to the top of our lungs at game two and our little got a ball from Blanco. We sported orange and black, in the rain as we got drenched at game seven for the big win in 2012. We love the Giants and we are excited for another great year! Next up: Spring Training!!

IMAGE_F5A3FC64-8B1E-4031-A231-488DED5D8C36.JPG IMAGE_4DC7F250-DC35-4B85-B297-E9394CFD2048.JPG IMAGE_510A240B-1807-4C61-A9C0-698AF287B3AF.JPG IMAGE_4A42919D-D733-4AA9-BAED-8DF023568E35.JPG IMAGE_599E9446-51F2-4643-A256-DE3C2ECFAB83.JPG IMAGE_F5E86AF2-E8EE-4B81-8F0E-B94144086EF4.JPG IMAGE_0F8D760A-B040-4AED-AF5F-F3B2C685E5FA.JPG IMAGE_7E6451EB-54A8-47AD-9581-66DD7811B4F0.JPG Giants spring .jpg IMAGE_BA3B9B5B-0E62-45AB-BF22-C939E83D18C1.JPG IMAGE_0CDD0DB9-BE00-4F41-881B-F289369EF4B0.JPG IMAGE_F531FB66-8172-41E7-B985-36C1817171AE.JPG IMAGE_D06A50AA-DA9B-4144-8A8F-B15463992C63.JPG IMAGE_0047DEA4-DECC-404D-832F-3607ACE32511.JPG IMAGE_4F3AB372-4923-4BB3-939E-5E24BB95EAF4.JPG IMAGE_BC9F2200-78A1-4237-A885-B38FD3BC2FFA.JPG IMAGE_5AAC57B1-45AA-4CD7-88B8-3D0445BB15CF.JPG IMAGE_5038DC38-9C50-43C2-B9E3-ADF5799C089B.JPG

  10 31 12_Giants Parade_4201.jpg

  10 15 12_3653.jpg 10 15 12_3645.jpg 10 15 12_3636.jpg






The Honeymoon Trip

IMAGE_363EB414-CEAA-46FA-B480-D93A7A5B98EC.JPG IMAGE_117C288C-EC43-4270-8B33-D783CDA78B23.JPG IMAGE_A54A35F1-186B-4A10-8F69-C702FC77A0D3.JPG IMAGE_4CF5FA3F-7C8C-4511-96B2-D52CFCDC4F1E.JPG

Our honeymoon was chalked full of fun EVERY single day. We are fortunate that we have so many people that love us so we had lot’s of friends to meet up with and my hubby is fortunate that his new wife loves baseball and beer!

We started our adventures in Chicago- the San Francisco Giants were playing the Cubs and we both have wanted to go to Wrigley Field, so that was perfect!

Arriving in Chicago, late at night- stuck in traffic and it was cold and raining. We did not expect much less than that though because it was April. After checking into a cute hotel in the Gold Coast district, we went on our mission to find the one beer we both had been yearning for since Vinny: brewer/Owner shared one with us at Russian River’s Pliny the Younger release in February: Hop Slam. Bell’s Brewery makes it and they just don’t make enough for us out in California to ever see.

This hoppy treat was naturally even better on tap than it was in the bottle from the hands of one of my favorite brewers!

The #Honeymoontrip was off to a fantastic start!!

With the rain and glum, we decided to rent a car and take a road trip into Michigan to Kalamazoo for Bell’s Brewing. A long drive through cities and towns filled with tumbleweeds, power plants, and, truck stops.

 IMAGE_2F43E5F1-A62D-41D4-8849-DC5218A7107A.JPG IMAGE_20B9D166-7091-4D89-84D3-51F422738DF7.JPG IMAGE_77C223AB-B5DE-45BD-A6B7-08BF8C2D5C5F.JPG IMAGE_C873C0EC-8114-470D-8A9B-0B4DD3E8CDB9.JPG IMAGE_99BC3E42-81DC-4BB3-BAE2-62AE8E837157.JPG IMAGE_5D81E5D8-A711-44C3-882D-CCFFD9BCC83B.JPG IMAGE_90838460-6FF7-44B7-B563-00C0B073D07B.JPG IMAGE_01BE8925-CB89-49E5-8EF9-F5CB3444A7D6.JPG IMAGE_B68CC60C-3001-421B-9522-BF619D56B62B.JPG Bell’s Brewing was everything we thought it would be and more. There is the brewery there and then next door is their general store where they sell all of the products to make beer, all of their beers {except for Hop Slam and other limited brews}, clothing, and all sorts of fun stuff. The entrance to the brewery was modest and it is  not until we made it to the back to look around that we saw how large it really is: outdoor patio, stage and lots of seating. Inside thy have a kitchen to order food {separate from the bar} and then the bartender will pour samples of the beers in samplers of four. We opted to taste ALL of the beers, since we would not be coming back anytime soon. Bell’s was amazing. The beer is delicious. All of their beers have character, body, wonderful flavors, and seem like they were made with love.

After such an amazing experience at Bell’s we went on to Munster Indiana and stopped at Three Floyd’s Brewery. By the time we arrived it was dark and raining and the place was really difficult to find {much like any of the microbreweries we visit} but worth the search when we walked in. We were greeted by a large biker looking man who was acting as the host {I imagine his bouncer responsibilities come into play later in the evenings as the crowds get rowdy}. We sat watching one of those cheesy Japanese fighting movies where the girls are overly risque and the guys chop off limbs and blood squirts out like a water hose. Perfect for the rough-like environment. The beers were off the hook.


Our adventures continued as we watched the Giants squash the Cubs on a {sideways} rainy day. Wrigley Field was something: small and in the middle of a neighborhood. It was not like anything we had been to before. We were excited to get our hands on one of the world famous “Chi-Dogs”. We had one at the Cubs stadium in Arizona for Spring Training but the original was mind blowing. I am not sure that neon green relish is good for me but it sure rocked my world!


We went about our trip seeing the sites, eating the deep dish pizza, drinking the beers we were only able to find in the Midwest. We found great gastropubs with honest character: the kind of places that clearly have not seen a dust rag in years and places that have not been cleaned since before cigarettes were still legal to smoke inside.


After five days of the windy city, we were ready to break out our swim suits and flip flops and head to Miami, Florida.



We did much of our trip on a whim so the night before leaving Chicago, I found us an great apartment on the beach in Miami by turning to my trusted friend: AirBnB. We arrived at our building and the first thing we see are these massively tall, big breasted African American woman all standing around outside. There were twenty or thirty of them, they were beautiful and I was not sure where we were… we walked inside to find marble floors, mirrored glass walls and cobalt blue and crystal chandeliers. This placed screamed for a makeover. As ostentatious as the entrance was {girls and all} the apartment was stunning and had the view to boot. I realized that Miami Beach was sort of like what I see on CSI Miami as far as the look of the people 🙂




IMAGE_9BEC03C1-0E58-4BFF-9CC7-813435F5160A.JPG IMAGE_CDD5618F-BCA6-42FA-935C-0897433DFA15.JPG IMAGE_67EAB299-C55A-4B8E-BA16-9CC0CB6870EC.JPG IMAGE_84E3B94A-544B-47E4-BADC-85A4CB4B0189.JPG IMAGE_750521A9-6F59-4E65-B13D-22F3D30469A1.JPG IMAGE_ED82EF00-416C-4829-9CC7-986349BA5E4B.JPG IMAGE_C79DD95D-983B-44A7-9D9C-E96B122D37D8.JPG IMAGE_3122C4AA-7A84-4381-A2AC-E6B956DA9953.JPG IMAGE_A1724897-B379-4DE2-8298-D1E176EA4EE7.JPG IMAGE_83A5CFD6-6F37-498D-B5CF-E3A617051AD6.JPG IMAGE_16F4A667-8A70-4577-AFCC-DCF70B7EC4F4.JPG IMAGE_2DF1BFAF-1D85-49AF-8910-F69769F1AA45.JPG

We found really great seats the the Marlin’s game and they were playing the Phillie’s so we thought, why not go and cheer on the Marlin’s? The stadium was crisp and clean. The top was covered so the air stayed cool and comfortable. We watched the Phillie’s annihilate the Marlin’s. Too bad they Marlin’s could not play that terrible against my Giants.

Florida was fun. We took the scenic drive down to the keys and stopped at a couple of funky places on the way. A great find was in the key’s: M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom. Great duck fat fries and great beers on tap.

The Florida Keys were absolutely gorgeous. Seeing all of the alligators was exciting and terrifying all at once. Those suckers are huge and when they started looking our way and swimming near, we took off!

The Cigar City Brewing was one of our favorites. There was a man sitting at one side of the pub rolling cigars the entire time were there. It smelled so rustic and hoppy in there and the bartender, she was a true craftbeer lover: fun to talk to and gave us recommendations for other cool places to go for local beers.

Florida was fun, we found an awesome spot down the street from our next house we stayed at on Davis Island. This place was one of the only spots we found with multiple televisions and the bartender had no problem changing it to the Giants game for us. Here, the special was “Whiskey”, my kind of place! And…they had these insane nachos: cheese, blue cheese, fried chicken, and hot sauce. They sounded so insane, I had to get them! Wow, delicious- definitely a good combo with the whiskey.

The trip thus far had been a blast but it was time to head to New York, my favorite city!! My hubby was so excited to see our friend Shawn {Manager at Brooks Brothers} that he let Shawn dress him in their new Gatsby line!

We met some very cool people through Instagram and hooked up with them at The Brickyard gastropub. Drew was rad- he was a total craftbeer geek like us and had lists of places we should go, set us up with the ultimate tasting of Widmer Brothers hard to find beers and sent us home with really beautiful beer glasses, one being the Dogfish Head IPA glass. Let’s just say hubby was in heaven.

The weather was fantastic. Our friend came from Boston and took us to a New York Mets game, touring through Brooklyn and to the Peekskill Brewery up on the Hudson River.

The trip would not have been complete without a stop over at the funky, old bar Mc Sorley’s where they serve only two kinds of beer: Light and Dark and there is so much head, they serve it in two glasses.

After two weeks of traveling, eating, drinking good beer and hanging with friends; our trip was over and as much fun as it was, we needed to come home!

A vacation was needed after our vacation :).

Best of 2012!


2012 has been an intense year for my family. We have definitely had our fair share of fun in the Poshepery {Poshepny-Vallery} household.


My birthday is in February and usually we have to plan for something awesome but this year, our favorite football team made it to the National League Championship, the San Francisco 49ers. That was a great day, we all looked like stooges in our clear plastic suits covering our clothes because of the pouring rain. Our seats were completely exposed the entire game and we lost but it was surely fun!


What would a birthday be without a taste of once-a-year released craft beer?! My Love and I LOVE Pliny the Elder at Russian River Brewery and the Younger comes out for a limited time in February, sometimes for only two weeks! The line is long, the limit is two 10 ounce glasses per person…we try to go several times. We waited in line at 10:30am {they open the doors at 11am} and the line was pretty long then. They reach capacity quick! So we made a day of it; we made it our job one Monday afternoon to drink the Younger and eat pizza. 6 hours later, a group of 6 were in bliss after several glasses {they liked us so they didn't limit! + we tipped Well} of the Younger, pizza and loads of bar bites. We could all hook ourselves up to an IV of the Younger and love life!


One of my favorite special moments was receiving a beautiful watch for Mothers Day- my boys all gave me a Happy Step-Mothers Day gift! Sweet! I knew I had touched their lives as much as they have mine.


I fell in love with Portland. My Love and I made a trip of it when I went to the #WBC12 {Wine Bloggers Conference}. Portland is saturated with good craft beer and all around good people. Our favorites were the Hub and Cascade. A new found love of sours was discovered.


The baseball season heated up and our team was killing it. Our youngest was able to go onto the field at one of our trips to San Francisco because of an auction we bid on. He got to be the “Play Ball Kid”. What an experience. We all stood there in awe as Logan yelled out, “PLAAYYYY BAAALLLL!!!!”. It was the perfect time for a photo opt and one of the gals got a shot of all of us decked out from head to toe one the AT&T field at night- our Christmas card was born.


We love any excuse to throw a party. The Fourth of July is the perfect reason. We rented a blow up slip n slide that had rainbows and clouds at the top of the entrance, it was 4 feet tall and 26 feet long; comfy, fun and safe! With the help of Uncle Timmy's food spread and a keg of Lagunitas IPA and Bear Republics Racer 5, we were set for fantabulous summer Q.


The baseball season was coming to a close and the San Francisco Giants were now in Post Season and we were there! Twice!! We took our boys to one game and we went again to game 7! Wow! The nail biting experience and the energy in the park was like nothing else; it's indescribable. We were all on the edge of our seats at the bottom of the last inning when the cal was about to be made to delay the game due to rain and suddenly it stopped. Romo pitched and the last out happened then… Victory Rain! We did it- we were going to the World Series!!


I wouldn't be a die hard fan if I couldn't figure out a way to go to the World Series. We sat in the bleachers at Game 2, dressed in all orange and Black- I had an orange wig and gory photo taken with a chic dressed as a bunny by the SF Chronicle! That was Epic-Awesomeness!


Of course the trip to San Francisco for this World Series Champs Parade was a MUST! We won in game 4 and had to pull the kids out of school to celebrate in style! We were there for the 2010 and the 2012 Parade!


I took my Love to Hawaii for his birthday in November and we found this site UnRealHawaii where this guy posted pictures and information about all these off the beaten path hikes. The best of the best for us was the Olomana Trail- difficult to find. And difficult. We HIKED up 1,600 feet and were literally climbing straight up with a huge drop on both sides of us. We climbed using ropes at some parts and really needed to rely on each other for help and support- a truly amazing couples exercise. We learned a lot about each other up there in a hugely vulnerable state. Well worth it and at the top: the most spectacular view of Hawaii I have ever seen.


Finally, the best day of the entire year: Christmas. My Love and I had our family and friends over for Christmas dinner and during dinner while everyone was about to start chewing down on the delicious prime rib Uncle Timmy made, Tim stood and thanked everyone for coming and announced we were going to get married right there! We had talked to our dear friend a month before and went over vows, though, nobody else knew! It was a wonderful surprise and the best day of 2012! <3





I <3 The SF Giants!!

Looking back at all of the photos, I realize, I am very fortunate to have been at so many great games, in great seats and with some of my favorite people!! Here are some of my favorites!


Giants spring .jpg 265927_2031820569100_1651736583_2062004_4503945_o.jpg photo(11).JPG photo(15).JPG photo.JPG 261420_10150261210457366_815912365_7323252_3268146_n.jpg 278613_2050616998999_7680262_o.jpg 334282_2167019908999_5595236_o.jpg IMAGE_DB6D0CCB-5B97-480D-9B05-B67D9E49079C.JPG IMAGE_D8565050-BE42-4FD1-BDE9-02D400F81D10.JPG IMAGE_29EE236F-39A2-4594-A3EF-8C8B2B1CA004.JPG IMAGE_5E313314-9781-4D4D-AFCE-A8A1FE8E1AB7.JPG IMAGE_DA5ABF53-CDD6-4CFC-A62B-35249F5821EB.JPG IMAGE_BA3B9B5B-0E62-45AB-BF22-C939E83D18C1.JPG IMAGE_8B4BBFFC-66A6-4B39-940C-E675EA6533D0.JPG IMAGE_AD1325EB-9C65-4712-BF4F-B06F73BA01F1.JPG IMAGE_B05BF3C8-A618-4D80-B27E-951868B35F5E.JPG IMAGE_B1FDF16A-540B-4B20-BF61-4A6901130F32.JPG IMAGE_7E2A2FCA-9C66-436D-9E0B-C3166F1A3451.JPG IMAGE_BC9F2200-78A1-4237-A885-B38FD3BC2FFA.JPG