Giants bus ride adventure

At my job I get to put together so many amazing events and incorporate some really fun things. Usually it’s the typical food and wine paired meals or something cool in the vineyards but this time we did a bus ride for 40 people to […]

Never Forget

My little saluting the San Francisco Giants for honoring all of the fallen on September 11, 2001. Never forget.   @sfgiants we salute you! #honor2Day #sfgiants #attpark #sfgsocial pic.twitter.com/SbK5T3UOZP — Jess Poshepny (@Moxie_Lady) July 7, 2013

AT & T Ballpark Do’s & Don’ts

With the baseball season in full swing and having been to three games already since home opener on April 8th, I thought it would be fitting to describe a bit of ballpark etiquette {in my humble opinion of course}. If you’ve ever been to a […]

Reminiscing about baseball season

With the recent news of my favorite player Javier Lopez being signed onto my favorite sports team for the next three years, I felt it necessary to reminisce. I first saw Javier at Spring Training when he was the only player to stop after I […]

The Honeymoon Trip

Our honeymoon was chalked full of fun EVERY single day. We are fortunate that we have so many people that love us so we had lot’s of friends to meet up with and my hubby is fortunate that his new wife loves baseball and beer! […]

Best of 2012!

  2012 has been an intense year for my family. We have definitely had our fair share of fun in the Poshepery {Poshepny-Vallery} household.   My birthday is in February and usually we have to plan for something awesome but this year, our favorite football […]

I <3 The SF Giants!!

Looking back at all of the photos, I realize, I am very fortunate to have been at so many great games, in great seats and with some of my favorite people!! Here are some of my favorites!