Sip on a Cold One While Soaking up the Sunshine this Season

8 Sonoma County Breweries to Hangout at this Season

This time of year marks the start of the seasons we in Sonoma County all know and love – the days are cool, the sun shines to keep us warm, the grass and mountainsides are green, and the sky is blue… what could be better? A nice cold brew on a beautiful patio, that’s what!


Here are eight Sonoma breweries to while away the hours of the day: read the full article here on Sonoma Magazine.


cheers to sunny days!


International Food Bloggers Conference

I will be boarding a plane at STS tomorrow morning to head to Seattle {A food mecca} for the International Food Bloggers Conference where I am pouring Trione wines and will be blogging and tweeting live about all of the goods.

Follow along with the IFBC on twitter and check out the pretty pictures on Instagram.

I will be tweeting from @Moxie_Lady and @TrioneWinery as well as on Instagram {Moxie_Lady} and {TrioneWinery}. All photos are shot with a Nikon D5100 and Iphone 6Plus. If you like the photos I post of your food during the event, I am happy to share them with you for appropriate credit!

Moxie taco 3.jpg





I am most looking forward to listening in on these sessions:

– 11:30-12:30 Writing session: Honing the craft by Jess Thomson (Hogwash) LOCATED IN BALLROOM A

– 2:10 – 3:10 PM Writing, Food Photography and Prop Styling
 Andie Mitchell (Can You Stay For Dinner), Aran Goyoaga (Cannelle et Vanille, author, food photographer, food stylist), and Jenn Elliott Blake (A Blog Named Scout and prop stylist). LOCATED IN BALLROOMS A & B

I am bringing some cool schwag to the gift suite on Friday night: wine skins for those who are wanting to bring home a bottle of wine or olive oil from the event {These wine skins are the perfect travel companion and last for many uses} and while supplies last I’ll have Trione external battery chargers for your phone {this works for droids and iphone, all you need is your cord}. If you pick up a gift, please post a photo of yourself with it, or something cool, and tag us with #DrinkTrione. We love to see that people are using our schwag!!

Find me in the 3rd floor foyer on Saturday evening after the conference sessions for the grand tasting wine reception from 5:30-7pm. In the Metropolitan Ballroom I will be pouring at the expo from 7-9pm. Come say hello, post your photos, sip on Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel.

I know there is going to be a lot of great food vendors, awesome gadgets to check out, good people to connect and network with!

See you there!


A Cruciferous Salad

Ever since I was a teenager I loved this salad. It’s super simple to make, it lasts about a week in the fridge, and tastes great. It’s really good for you too. It’s chalk full of iron.

You’ll Need:

  • 4 Broccoli heads with some stem
  • 1 cauliflower head, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1/2 head red cabbage sliced thinly and about 1.5 inch long
  • White wine or apple cider vinegar for drizzling
  • Salt & pepper to taste

The amounts of the ingredients will depend on how much you really want to make.


Boil water then throw in the cauliflower for a minute, add the broccoli, let those boil for about 3 minutes or until al dente. Remove with a strainer spoon or chinois so you get all of the little pieces. Add the red cabbage for 20 seconds and remove. Put all of the veggies together in a big bowl and drizzle the vinegar over add salt and pepper to taste and mix.

Eat Clean, Eat Healthy, & Eat Well. 

Best Damn Dirty 30 Ever

My husband and I went to my favorite place on earth for my 30th birthday: New York City. We went to see some friends, hang out, eat great food, see the city, and drink beer. My husband had something more up his sleeve…he arranged with Charlie Palmer and his Chef at Aureole a special dinner menu based around all of my favorite foods. He invited three of my favorite people to spend the evening with us and mailed a bottle of my very favorite champagne ever: the Charlie 1985, so we could toast to me with this special wine. It was incredible. Every minute of this evening was special and filled with laughter.

We had a stunning five course meal that incorporated every single thing I love, some things in an obvious way and others not so obvious but very creative. I love carrots, watermelon, pot roast, ahi, foie gras, macadamia nuts, garlic, mustard, celery, truffles, and so many other things… my husband sent this list of what he knows I love and we were “awed”.

Some of the highlights:




















~Foie Gras terrine and pan seared…












~Wild Dover Sole with black truffles, celery root & apple puree, and whole grain mustard vinaigrette.











~Dry aged rib eye, braised short rib agnolotti {This was the ode to my favorite dish in the world: Pot Roast!} with roasted garlic and miso butter.











~My birthday dessert… WOW.











The food was all incredible, rich, artful, and made the entire experience one to remember. BUT one of the best parts of this whole meal was the simple efforts the chef made to accommodate my friend who doesn’t eat seafood and didn’t want to cause a scene by not eating it. They prepared two dishes for him that looked exactly identical to the rest of the tables, only in chicken instead of sole and watermelon instead of ahi, served him first and explained the dish, then served us all. My friends level of comfort wasn’t compromised by the thought of eating fish- it was awesome. We have dined at so many high-end restaurants and never had this personal touch- the chef is brilliant. Dining at Aureole is an experience everyone who has a passion for food should try.




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Being spoiled in wine country is pure bliss

I get my fair share of great wine and ow more and more great craft beer. Being married to a chef and having his sous chef visit often means I eat well all the time. It’s not the best for my figure but my palate and belly are sure happy. With all the locally grown produce and grass fed animals, there’s an abundance of deliciousness in sonoma county. And I get to eat it… All.







Beauty in Wine Country

This is one of the {many} reasons I live here, and others move here.
The flowering tress, the mustard, the nature. Pure serenity.

The Power of Social Media & Love for Craft Beer

As you know from a previous article about my love for social media and the craft beer scene: I think breweries have it down. All of it. I love being able to engage with the breweries I visit. Not only is it cool to be able to contact them ahead of time and promote them on my social channels, but it also makes the experience there better.

In a recent trip to New York City {my favorite city in the world} for my 30th birthday, I had reached out to several breweries I was intending on visiting. Sixpoint Brewery was at the top of my list and has been a place we have yearned to visit for a few years now. I tweeted to them with a lot of hopefulness that they’d reply to me and they did! Mikey contacted me with his email and through that we made a plan to meet at the brewery for a private tour. They are not open to the public but he was happy to show us around. This was one of the coolest brewery trips we have been on, it was brewery number 320 for us!

We showed up to the brewery, buzzed the doorbell and asked for Mikey. The place was covered with tools and building projects because they are remodeling. The space is not very big in general but they sure make the best of the space they have. Right away Mikey seemed chill and cool {everything you hope for on a brewery tour}. He manages the social media and content for Sixpoint and also helps out in the brewery from time-to-time. First things first: he gives us a few samples of the beers they have on tap: Hi Res, Sahti, and Gorilla Warfare. We filled up on Hi Res and made our way into the brewery. It was definitely a New York brewery: very small. It’s actually incredible what they can do in such a small space. They have a variety of different beer projects they work on and a lot of the smaller stuff is brewed at the brewery. They have another facility where they brew the rest of their beers- a 60K barrel facility. They brewery started in 2004 but the symbol {the Sixpoint Brewers Star} has been around since the dawn of civilization. The star itself is a representation of: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth together equally Great Work.

NYC 2015 Dirty 30_02 06 15_3019_edited-2


Sixpoint brews over 40 different beers. Some I have seen out and about in the city {never over on the West Coast} like the Hi Res or Resin, others I have not. Many of them you can find on draft at local spots throughout NYC. The Gorilla Warfare is a coveted brew and rightfully so; it’s fantastic, a well balanced dark beer with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts. Some others they do are the Spice of Life Series and the Mad Scientist Series. I have not had a bad beer from them!

After touring through the {working} brewery, we headed back into the main room downstairs where we set up shop and chilled out by a big ice chest that was the home for one of the brewer’s pet projects: A Pilsner he is trying to perfect.

Mikey and the brewer checking on the status of the Pilsner

We hung out and chatted about social media and other incredible beers like Hillfarmstead and other favorite IPA’s. Part of what I love about the beer world is the sharing. It’s never about having the most of a beer, it’s about sharing it with the most people. So as we sipped on Gorilla Warfare and Mikey was gathering some awesome schwag for us, we busted out a couple of fresh Pliny’s for him as a thank you. Surprised just like we were for the cool schwag {growlers, beers, and shirts}, he was stocked and looking forward to drinking the Pliny. I always love to see my neighborhood brewery beers side-by-side a pint of something I love.

I love the dedication and passion that the people who work there have for the brand and the beer. Visiting Sixpoint was a true pleasure. The team seems like they’re a solid family and as a result are warm and welcoming to others, enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing their love of Sixpoint with others. Cheers Mikey and the Sixpoint crew- you really know how to do it right!! Thanks for sharing the love!

Maui Brewing Company

This is a true “neighborhood bar/pub”. It’s friendly, the people clearly love to work there, the food is excellent, the beers fresh and delicious, and the patrons love being there too. It’s been a brewery on our list for a while now and I am so happy we finally made it. In fact, I am happy that Maui Brewing was actually the driver for us {my husband} booking our flight over to Maui from the Big Island. It was well worth the trip.

The do samplers but only four at a time {that’s ok because with the humidity the beer gets warm so quickly you won’t want more than that otherwise it will not be enjoyable}.














The food is fantastic. Coming from a foodie and wife of a chef, WOW. Even my hubby was impressed. We went back twice for the food and both ordered the same things and the second time, opted not to share. We highly recommend the buffalo chicken sandwich with caramelized Maui onions and their house spicy catsup along with the French dip with the house fried Maui onion strings and awesome horseradish. Yum.
In for just a snack and a brew? The nachos are top notch: crunchy through-and-through, cheesy all around, tomatoes, incredible salsa, with black beans, {add in} the guacamole and sour cream. A small is perfect to split if you’re just thinking of a snack.

Buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese and caramelized onions

French dip with house fried onion strings and zesty horseradish




















Wednesdays they reward you for sporting your Maui gear by offering $4 pints of their beers {not including guest taps} all day! We didn’t have any Maui schwag on but we bought a ton and they were kind enough to honor the same price.

They sell a lot of great schwag: they have all of the sizes, they’re completely organized, and very helpful. They have hydro flasks and glass growlers, and they sell  a few on their more popular brews in the can by the six pack.

Maui Brewing Company is definitely on my top 10 breweries list. I highly recommend making the trek over to Maui.

Maui Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon

Follow Maui Brewing online: @MauiBrewingCo

Beer + Food

Falling Sky Brewery & Delicatessen is neat inside: it’s got sort of a vintage feel with the brick wall and every so often a single brick slightly pushed out that then rest with a bold bright color and the long, family style table down the entire center of the restaurant. It’s warm and inviting. The people are nice who work there.

We split a brisket sandwich with marbled rye and a side of sweet potato fries: wow- it was delicious and the fries mouth watering. A perfect pairing for the beer taster. The taster is served in a metal framed cloud. For me, the highlights are the catchy slogan, the stickers, the scrumptious sandwich with melt in-my-mouth meat, and the Neverland Berliner Weisse.




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Claim 52 Brewing

Claim 52 was a great find. I was using the nearby feature on Untappd and we kind of stumbled onto this one. We asked around about it and all the local breweries said it was definitely worth waiting for them to open. They are open Thursdays 4-8pm, Fridays 4-9pm, and Saturdays 2-7pm. The owners/brewers pour the beers in their taproom as they balance brewing the beer just on the other side of the partition.

It’s evident that thought went into their space too: old church benches line the perimeter, tall tables in the center, corn hole boards hanging on the wall for use, and video games {free} for your playing pleasure. This is a kid friendly spot too.

Surrounded by a lot of awesome small breweries in Eugene, Claim 52 is a bit more special: they are a couple of guys working hard to make consistently unique beers. The Gose was one of the most interesting beers I have had with notes of fresh orange zest and black tea coupled with a subtle salty finish; it was growler worthy.


 When we were leaving, my husband was trying to pack the growler in our already full ice chest when the Pliny bottles we brought were staring him in the face, so he ran back in a gave the brewer one. The look on his face was priceless and he was so thrilled and appreciative. That’s one of my favorite parts about beer travel: sharing the love!

I look forward to visiting these guys again and tasting the new stuff that they come up with. This is a true gem- these guys are going to blow up!












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