Beer Craft, quite possibly the greatest place on earth… at least in Sonoma County

Four years ago today my hubby and made it official {as official as you can be before marriage :)} and we celebrated our love by going to our favorite beer shop. Beer Craft officially opened their tap room today and had their “Grand Opening”.  Until […]

Faction Brewing

We finally made it to Faction Brewing, our 198th brewery! We had tasted the Faction Pale Ale a couple of months ago at Magnolia in the City and it was absolutely delicious! We were so looking forward to this place. Way out in the cuts, […]

Craft beer + Bowling = A Good New Home Celebration

With the painful process of searching and buying a home behind us, we are excited to be making our new home our very own! One of the greatest things about our new home is that after a long day of work, we can walk two […]

The Rare Barrel- a house of sours

After meeting the guys from The Rare Barrel at a tasting in our favorite beer shop: Beer Craft, my hubby joined their Founders Club {for me since I’m the one who is in love with sours}. We anxiously awaited their opening. As members, we were […]