White Wine Spritzers: 31 days of Deliciousness for Summer

Summertime is the best time to enjoy a wine spritzer. It’s the perfect drink for the mom who wants to sip on something refreshing but also wants to be able to have more than one! The bubble water dilutes some of the alcohol and adds […]


Thanksgiving is a time for love, appreciation, memories, family recipes, and great food but behind all of that…{the elements that nobody wishes to discuss: the grudges, the distractions, the insults, the insecurities, the secrets, the embarrassing times, the family history… the list is endless} is […]

A Taste Of Summer

As the temperature is rising and summer is just around the corner I am reminded of why it is so fun to be a local in Sonoma County: pairings! From food and wine to beer and burgers to coffee and pastries or even pancakes and […]

Ringing in 2012

2011 was a great year and what better way to begin to top it than by ringing in 2012 with awesome food and insanely amazing wines?! My amazing fiance slaved for a few good hours and created a menu to die for: Sea Bass and […]