Whole30 Day One

I spent the last couple of weeks preparing myself with what Whole 30 is. I educated myself, became armed with healthy recipes, and learned how to make certain whole 30 approved dressings and dips. It’s not easy because it’s all about planning but today was a good eating day. It did take me a lot of prep and several steps but how I’ll have lunch and dinner for the family tomorrow too with little efforts.

Seared chicken breast season with “Uncle Timmy’ Famous Spice Rub” and seared in sesame oil. Let the chicken cool after cooking. Then chop.

Chopped chicken
Chopped romaine lettuce
Whole black olives
2 avocados
1 honey crisp apple
A few castelvetravo olives cut in half

2 ounces of sesame oil
3 ounces of Apple cider vinegar
A pinch or 2 of salt and pepper to taste
5 shakes of mustard powder for emulsifying
Whisk and pour over salad

This is easy, full of flavors and different textures, and very satisfying.



Eat Clean, Eat Healthy, & Eat Well.



2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day One”

  • Awesome! I hear it’s been a good thing for a lot of people. Yes, the beer… it’s a tough one to avoid! 🙂

  • You go girl! AJ did this in January! It’s pretty enjoyable to eat real food! Lol! The beer was the tough part. 😉 Cheers!

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