Giants bus ride adventure

At my job I get to put together so many amazing events and incorporate some really fun things. Usually it’s the typical food and wine paired meals or something cool in the vineyards but this time we did a bus ride for 40 people to the San Francisco Giants game where they were playing against the L.A. Dodgers. Not too shabby. We had a great group of 40, some met at us at the stadium, we had delicious wines and refreshing beers on the bus there. We all were decked out in Giants orange for #OrangeFriday and we came well equipped with #HunterPenceSigns. It was a BLAST!

It’s really a spectacular thing to be able to have a great experience in the tasting room with members and then have one outside of everyone element at a place everyone loves. Our members love hanging with us as much as we love hanging with them because at Trione we are real. #Winning.


AND it was great to #BEATLA 9-0.


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1273_edited-1



Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1286_edited-1


Trione Giants Adventure


Giants Bus with Trione + Tristan_09 12 14_1324_edited-1

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