Refreshing Summer Water

Want some refreshing water that looks good on the table and tastes delicious? This water is simple, quick to make, and is a beautiful addition to any centerpiece.

In a large pitcher with about 10 cups of water add 4 limes that have been thinly sliced, fill with a couple of hand fulls of ice. Then add 8-10 medium to large strawberries that have been frozen completely to the water. The strawberries will extract a great flavor and pair really nicely with the lime citrus and they will also act as an ice cube! {The berries will turn translucent after about three hours so if the party is going to be longer, I like to just put a few in for color and looks and make a separate batch of strawberry flavored water and pour it into the the lime water.}

In the summertime, this water is the perfect accompaniment to any gathering. There are over 20 farmers markets in Sonoma County and fresh fruits and citrus can be purchased from local vendors there.

Refreshing Summer water


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