The 80th Anniversary of the End of Prohibition

Well if any other day of the week you couldn’t find a good reason to pop open a cold one then how about this: today is repeal day! Today marks the 80th year anniversary for the end of prohibition. More than 80 years ago people were unable to open up a nice bottle of wine or a beer {though the craft industry was not so much alive then, but still} and kick back with some friends. It was all moonshine and speak easy bars. Why not celebrate with an ice cold Speak Easy Prohibition Ale or the Double Daddy {my favorite}.

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Even though I have an undying love for craft beer, I can’t help but want to embrace the urge of sipping on a classic: the Manhattan. When I get home, I’ll kick my feet up and sip on my specialty.

ManhattanUntil then though…I will celebrate this day {just like I do any Thursday} with my friends at Beer Craft and enjoy some Oskar Blues on tap.

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