A Day at the Races

Sonoma County has one of the best fairs and many traditions stemmed from afternoons at the fairgrounds: corn dogs, funnel cakes, the Hall of Flowers, the swings and of course… The Horse Races.
I was fortunate enough to score some box seats {from my awesome boss} to the last day of the races. Our friends were in town from New York City so we made a day of it.
Having never been to the horse races, I had no expectations. Betting low, we thought we would save our pocket books and bet on more races. The names alone make for a comical betting experience {because none of us are better based on knowledge: it’s color or name}: I went with Zip the Bag, Dirty Swag {I’m sensing an awesome hashtag…} and Da Wiki Wiki.
My Sonoma County fair experience is now complete.




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